Bob & Merle Model F

Bob & Merle Learned Model F BRIGGS & STRATTON®

Bob Learned passed away in January 1998. His web site pages are stored here as a memorial to his fondness of Briggs and Stratton engines.


Briggs & Stratton Engine Collection
I am particularly interested in small engines, particularly early BRIGGS & STRATTON® engines, and Merle is interested in the equipment that was run by these engines. It is interesting that many of the smaller engines were used to improve the lot of the farm wife by operating washing machines, cream separators, corn grinders, etc.
Family Information & Pictures
The family index page includes a group of family pictures, a number of selections of Hiking Trips, Travel Trips, and other subjects that relate to our interests. These will become updated as new and difference trips and travels are taken.
Technical Data Sections
The Technical Data Section has manufacturing data information for most Pre WWII BRIGGS & STRATTON® engines and now covers Manufacturing Dates, Engine Information, Magneto Identification, Carburetor Data, Engine Descriptions, and others. My personal handbook has been plagiarized so much that I have decided to put much of the data on-line so that all can access it at no cost.

Sources for Parts
I am trying to put together a list of Sources for Parts for older small engines and any input would be appreciated. I would prefer listings that had been verified as being reliable (ie. you have used them with satisfactory results). There are some shysters out there and I would rather not advertise for them. Any comments or additions to the list are welcome.

Hotlinks for Engine Sites
More and more interesting engine related sites are appearing on the WEB and I have included a listing of some of my favorites on a separate page. Let me know if any of you are creating new sites that would be interested in adding to my listing.

EDGE & TA Branch 3
We are members of Branch 3 which is located on the southern part of the San Francisco Peninsula and most of our members live within a 50 Mile radius of San Jose. We are always looking for interesting members and visitors to our shows.

John Palmer's Wright Bros. Engine
The current page is John Palmer's Engine Construction. I think you will all enjoy watching the building of the Wright Bros. Model B Engine which hopefully will fly by late spring, 1998.
{Warning, Heavy Graphics}
Bobs Illness concerning his brain tumor
Bob and Merle will try to keep information on the changes and medical program on the Brain Tumor illness. It is called Glioblastoma Multiforma, and the hopes are difficult.

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Bob Learned
San Jose, California