Valve Timing
on the
F Series Briggs & Stratton Engines

F series Timing Diagram


To properly time the valves on these models, assemble cam followers in place and insert the exhaust valve push rod through the small hole in the top of the crankcase so that the flat end of the rod rests on the upper cam follower. (see diagram above) Then place the cam gear on its stud so that the cam lobe is toward the crankcase wall between the two cam followers.

Place finger on top of the push rod and press lightly. Be careful not to bend the rod or have it bind against the side of the small hole in the crankcase. Then rotate the cam gear to the right, or clockwise, several times until you become familiar with the point where the push rod just begins to rise. With the cam gear set in this position, insert the crankshaft, gear end first, and with the crankpin 10 degrees to the right of the center line and almost in line with the top magneto screw hole. Engine will then be in correct time.


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